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From Contacts to Relationships

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Strategic Relationship Building, Enabled.

Simply drag and drop your existing Contacts to create hierarchy

Mark your affinity to each of these contacts, they can range from champions and promoters to detractors

Create Visual Heat Maps to take an in-depth look at relationships from a strategic standpoint

Create, update and delete contacts

Each contact card displays related opportunities, associated budget, influence and affinity

No Integration required as the Org Chart Software is 100 % native to Salesforce and MS Dynamics

Manage Large Organizational data with Smart Filters

Leverage knowledge about the key account across teams

All data changes happen in the Cloud – no additional security checks required

Watch Org Chart Software in action

Visualize contacts for opportunities, budget, and affinity

Skip the Org Chart excel or Org Chart powerpoint and install the Org Chart Software right inside your CRM.


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