Laser focused opportunity management

A systematic and collaborative approach to planning and closing large, complex enterprise deals. Maximize conversions with speed and transform your key accounts into recurring revenue streams.

Smarter Qualifications Adaptive Playbooks Stakeholder analysis

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Large Deal Management made easy

with automation to scale MEDDIC adoption on Salesforce

Winning large enterprise deals is becoming increasingly complex. In many cases time, effort and resources are invested on an opportunity without advancing the opportunity forward.

Successfully winning complex and large deals requires a structured approach and stronger alignment on strategy.

Proven sales methodology and framework for strategic selling define a systematic approach to drive measurable outcomes. But, these often fall short due to lack of adoption and adherence by sales organizations.

An effortless, collaborative and automated tool enables methodical execution to drive predictable wins and faster deal closures.

With DemandFarm Opportunity Planner you can automate workflows and prioritize actions, be guided on next best steps and increase sales productivity.

Guided 'Opportunity to Close'

Qualify, Execute and Advance with precision in a dynamic environment

Opportunity Score Cards

Smarter Qualification at every step

Execution oriented blueprint to guide your account teams through your sales methodology.

Score opportunities smarter to make opportunity wins more Probable & Predictable.

Progress deal with confidence as you manage effectively and adapt to changing circumstances at every stage of the pipeline.

Take control of your high-value opportunities

by aligning stronger with customer needs, priorities and concerns

Stakeholder Mapping

Active listening, visualized

Map your stakeholders into prescribed Functional Categories.

Better understand their role based buying influences, their attitudes, priorities and the potential cross-functional impact.

Devise the apt approach to winning and accelerating deal closures

  • Methodical assignment of a 'Buyer Rating'
  • Capture impact on the value stream
  • Identify potential hurdles proactively
One Stop Shop for Key Account Management

DemandFarm can be customized to support your business processes showing wins, losses, open opportunities, and the account-level strategy in a very user-intuitive view. Used alongside the stakeholder mapping, users get a clear view of an account and how strategies and relationships may impact active opportunities.

Donny Reblitz, Global Technology Enablement & Innovation

Execute with precision every single time

never lose focus while working on multiple opportunities simultaneously

Opportunity Playbook

Decision Automation

Every crucial intelligence relevant to the opportunity into one single view. Understand the interplays,
strategize and plan tactics to build a buyer-focused opportunity execution plan.

Customer goals Dynamic buying group stances Deal Progression

Faster adoption of your Sales Process

Workflow Automation

Easy to

$30 /month

From opportunities to revenue with one connected solution

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