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With our most comprehensive Landscape and Whitespace Analysis feature ever


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Rock solid Annual Account Planning functionality, right inside your CRM


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Easy, seamless, collaborative Execution, Tracking, Reporting and Governance modules


Whitespace Analysis
Deals Heatmap
Opportunity Pipeline
Landscape mapping
Know where you are presently doing business/ cannot do business
What it is

Our most comprehensive and popular module! This is where 80% of the prep work for Annual Planning happens. It’s an interactive, visual representation of everything you need to know to make strategic decisions – it’s the maximum info about Key Accounts in terms of landscape & business opportunities.

What you get
  • See the Big Picture and the Details – 360-degree clarity to anticipate opportunities, build the right capacities, align resources
  • Zoom into Account plans to know where to cross-sell and up-sell
  • See where you are selling (or not) offering wise and customer wise
  • Identify the farming and mining opportunities in existing Key Accounts
  • Plan/ Build business case/Capacity accordingly
Org Chart with Hierarchy
Contact Mapping
Relationship Management
Contact History
Favourability Heat Map with Disposition Indicators (positive, negative, neutral)
Formal and Informal Affiliations
What it is

B2B salespeople always want to build Org Chart for their large accounts to sell more.This feature of KAM Suite is packed with features, visual, easy navigation with a drag and drop mapping

What you get
  • Know who’s who
  • Whom to connect with externally
  • Whom to leverage internally
  • Which relationships to build and which ones to defer
  • Invest time/ effort/ resources accordingly


What it is

It’s the heart of KAM Suite. Our KAM software will keep you busy – in a good way.  KAM Suite’s Account Planning module draws most of the data from Salesforce or your existing CRM so you can focus on planning for the future.

All the Account Plan-related data in one place – no more data silos in Excel/PPT/Word etc. Spend time on strategic planning and collaboration, not documentation and data collation.

What you get
  • The insights you need to plan, and the targets you need to set
  • Are you overinvesting/ underinvesting/ appropriately investing in this Account relationship?
  • How much business are you getting vis a vis competitors and client budget?
  • Leverage the right people internally and strengthen the relationship where it matters the most
  • Clarity on current revenues and setting targets
Account Planning
Health profile
Competitive Landscape
Meeting Plan
Financial Plan
What it is
  • Our KAM software has all the additional modules and tools that help lock down on your Annual Plans and gets buy-ins and approvals seamlessly
  • Workbench to manage tenure based plans
  • Unique ‘data consumption approach’ to minimize data entry and form filling
What you get
  • Existing data from CRM leveraged to generate actionable insights in the key account management software built-in your CRM.
  • Easy to access tabs on the Account Plan screen
  • One click ‘Presentation Mode’ – share plans with colleagues and Leadership online (Web PPT) or export as PDF
Supporting Insights & Tools
Account Info Wiki
30-60-90 Workbench
One-click presentation & sharing mode
Data consumption approach


Account Tracker
One-screen Account Review
Account health tracker
Reminders and prompts
Deviations tracker
30-60-90 Activity Plans
What it is:
  • Helps KAMs remain on track with Key Account plans and goals
  • Maps dynamic goals and priorities of Client to ongoing plans
  • Tenure based tracking for short, medium and long term activities
  • Multiple-parameter activity tracker – from financials to communication all available inside the key account management model, which is the best benefit of key account management software
What you get:
  • Actionable insights to take the right strategic calls at the right time
  • Everything you need to check progress against Plans
  • Active engagement with internal stakeholders on Goals and Deliverables
  • Proactive system to check deviations and course correct
  • Flexibility to change as per Client needs
30-60-90 Activity Plans
What you get
  • Multiple Key Account Info – from Plans to Actuals in one place
  • Joins the dots across various data points for Big Picture and Details
  • Gets everyone on the same page instantly
What you get
  • One place for Leadership to review multiple key Accounts anytime, anywhere
  • No need to wait for KAM to share data/ reports- stakeholders can access real time
  • Review Meetings can focus on strategy and innovation instead of clarifications and explanations

Our Key Account Management Software Rated 4.8/5 On Salesforce Appexchange

With the benefits of Key Account Management Software, it’s easy to Integrate, Adopt and Sustain DemandFarm across the organization

What it does

DemandFarm’s proprietary FarMing ® Engine configures to integrates with any existing Sales Methodology you may be invested in – or we can set one up for you

What you get

Operationalise and follow- through with Sales Methodology beyond the training sessions.

Systematic approach to core processes – maximise operational efficiency across global teams.

What it does

Easy to deploy SaaS Model
On the cloud
Native to Salesforce
Can be integrated with any CRM

What you get

Data security
Easy data access anytime, anywhere
A plug-in app that maximises your investment in CRM

Customer Success
What it does

Dedicated post-deployment Training and Onboarding Team

What you get

Higher uptake, smoother adoption
Better ROI with key account management strategy
Skills up-gradation
Seamless Onboarding