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We build intelligent, intuitive and adaptable products to unlock Account Centric Sales Effectiveness for revenue growth and make Account Planning easy & effortless. By bringing Account Planning inside your CRM, we make it scalable, collaborative & data-driven.


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Founded in 2016, DemandFarm was conceptualized with the strong belief that traditional CRMs aren’t designed for Account Management, but more for lead management & opportunity management. KAM being as important and strategic as it is for B2B enterprises, it deserved a solution that helped digitalize and institutionalize KAM practices to bring in higher KAM effectiveness.

Milind Katti

Co-Founder and COO

The future of account planning will see a huge transformation in strategy, processes and resource allocation that moves the process from being seller-centric to buyer-centric and from analog to hyper-automated, digital-first engagement with customers.

At DemandFarm we are enabling the future of enterprise sales effectiveness by roadmapping our products to stay ahead of the curve.

Intelligent, intuitive and adaptable products accelerate sustainable & predictable revenue growth in key accounts.

Abhijit Gangoli

Co-Founder and CEO

DemandFarm is more than a tool to manage strategic accounts. It is designed to help you build an account-centric sales effectiveness operating model capable of responding to both – opportunity and disruption – with consistent and informed value creation.

Efficiency and productivity gains via automation, digitalization and standardization is one half of the story. The other half is all about effectiveness.

With DemandFarm, you will experience measurable and tangible growth on the 3 impact areas that truly matter to strategic account success: Account manager productivity, Account management effectiveness, Revenue predictability.

Helping you ACsE for Growth in the world of B2B Sales

committed to building Future Ready Products for driving Sales Effectiveness

Continuous Innovation

Constantly questioning the status quo, re-inventing and adopting the latest in technology to bring you the leading edge in Sales Technology evolution

Flexibility and Adaptiveness

Being connected, adaptable and future-ready helps create continued value for your evolving needs and helps thrive in the midst of change

Customer Centricity

Focus on what is key to account retention and growth and strong value-driven relationships that stand the test of time


Milind Katti

Co-Founder & COO

Abhijit Gangoli

Co-Founder & CEO

The Key people behind our products

Dr. Karthik Nagendra
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Karthik Nagendra carries close to two decades’ of B2B technology & SaaS marketing experience. He has held senior marketing leadership positions earlier in leading brands like Wipro, Accenture among others.

He has worked closely with leading universities, industry bodies, analysts and research firms globally and acted as a catalyst in providing best practices and insights to customers across sectors. He has authored papers & articles that have been featured in leading publications like Forbes, Business World, People Matters, Economic Times among others.

He has been a guest speaker at Wharton, Duke University, UCLA among other Ivy league Universities globally. He has been featured among top... Read More

Ali, CTO and Tech Architect at DemandFarm from day 0, is a one-man army in himself who leads product development and R&D functions right from inception to delivery. Aided by numerous teams, his strategy to fend off the competition is simple - innovate aggressively and keep product serviceability above scale.

Ali goes beyond cutting edge solutions with self-driven R&D, Quality Assurance, and Application Services teams who ensure that the products are built right, delight customers at every step and scale responsibly. Through ceaseless avant-garde R&D, even the most complex problems are translated to elegant solutions that integrate right into existing systems.

The Product Engineering team offers complete lifecycle development with... Read More

AVP - Customer Success
AVP - Customer Success

As the AVP of Customer Success & Key Accounts, Aniket is a leader of relationship management with a keen eye for proactive strategy. He breathes customer experience, works with every customer from day zero, and drives an unprecedented customer success team at DemandFarm that communicates better than your favorite virtual assistant.

Eliminating one-dimensional customer relationships is easier said than done. By complementing customer experience with the right support, Aniket’s team measures product performance and works with customers every step of the way. By seeking triumph in the success of our customers and helping them adopt DemandFarm in their sales process (just like we have), he goes beyond merely getting customers through the door and cares about their continued success. Proactive mapping of the customer lifecycle, identification of our customer's business goals,... Read More

AVP - Sales
AVP - Sales

As the AVP of Sales, Pawan has a no-frills role at DemandFarm - creating and executing a consultation driven sales strategy with a motley crew of young and enthusiastic professionals, one adored customer at a time.

Being understood by their solution providers is what every enterprise yearns for. Pawan and team devotedly fill the shoes of a cross-functional role at DemandFarm, helping other functional heads untangle complex market expectations through their lens.

A true consultative approach in sales is their twisted definition of irony, one that has a single winner - the customer. To do so, they understand your current account planning methodology, data ecosystem, and sales-tech tools that you currently use. A phased, modular ... Read More

Product Manager
Product Manager

At DemandFarm, Shreya leads an empathetic, forward-thinking team that leaves no stone unturned, navigates through complex problems with simplistic elegance, and recognizes larger business objectives that every product feature needs to fulfil.

Every innovative solution that comes out our door has a common starting point - mapping your business priorities. Shreya, with the rest of the Product team, is responsible for deciding what gets built, identifying the latest technology advances, and tracking how well the customers are engaging with the product at every step. Shreya constantly engages with our Customer Advisory Board to understand the real-world problems they face and takes on the challenge of translating customer feedback into product features. This empowers us to always be ahead of the curve and leverage data-driven decision making to find the best match between... Read More

AVP- Solution Engineering
AVP- Solution Engineering

Any Solution Engineering initiative is only as valuable as the business problems it solves. Shri Mundada heads product-led solutions for DemandFarm, making them run deeper than any run of the mill product.

Solution Engineering requires a deep understanding of both business and technology domains. Constant translation of business needs into technological requirements forms a backbone of the entire product. Being proficient in Sales Tech automation, integrations and customizations, we understand your ecosystem needs and deliver tailored solutions that meet every expectation. Without diving into premature development or design, Shri Mundada's team executes detailed mapping sessions to determine the product fitment score and scope for... Read More

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Ameet Mattoo


Rohit Lodhi


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