Milind Katti

Co-Founder & CEO

My vision is to make DemandFarm the single most comprehensive B2B Key Account Management and Growth technology there is. It’s about institutionalizing KAM in a way that the process works for all stakeholders. It’s about bridging knowledge gaps and enabling Key Account Managers to win. It is about leveraging the power of technology to transform the way Key Accounts are managed and grown.

I should know because I’ve worked with B2B Key Accounts for most of my career. I’ve experienced first- hand the barriers that hold KAMs back and the challenges unique to managing and growing complex Global Accounts. I believe DemandFarm can create value in that space between the Art and the Science of Key Account Management.

Milind Katti has close to two decades of professional experience in Sales and marketing. In addition to co- founding DemandFarm, he is also the Co-founder of DemandShore – A leader in the Demand Generation solutions industry, where he built the process frameworks for delivery and operations. Milind is an electronics and communications engineer and also has an MBA in Marketing. Apart from Key Account Management, he is passionate about sports and reading. See more here.

Abhijit Gangoli


As CEO of award-winning demand generation firm DemandShore (formerly QEDBaton), I have seen the world of marketers change exponentially in just the last few years. Modern Marketers are dealing with a far wider set of variables, complex technology consumption patterns, and never-seen-before challenges.

How is this change impacting the way Key Accounts – a small band of elite Customers that bring in the bulk of revenues – are managed and grown? Such Accounts are so complex – yet they are typically person driven. And unfortunately, a person dependent.

We see a great opportunity – technology interventions to drive the most valuable Customer relationships and unlock their true business potential. I can’t think of one Sales Head who wouldn’t be interested in that!

Abhijit Gangoli has over 18 years of professional experience in Sales & Marketing. In 2004, he co-founded DemandShore (formerly QEDBaton) and led it to its current leadership position in the global Demand Generation solutions industry. Abhijit is a mechanical engineer with an MBA in marketing. Outside of work, he loves cooking and golf. See more here.

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Stephen Goodroe

With DemandFarm, I saw an opportunity to be a part of something truly at the crossroad of technology, sales, marketing, and relationships. The team at DemandFarm is full of passion for building what to my mind has been a long-standing industry need. Sales Heads across the board are waking up to the possibilities offered by technology to address the complexities of large, Global Key Accounts. It does have the power to change the game, and with DemandFarm, I want to be at the cutting edge of that transformation.

Stephen Goodroe began his career at the Procter & Gamble Company and in a career spanning nearly thirty years held a number of executive positions at P&G across North America, Europe, and Asia. A successful entrepreneur himself, Stephen presently serves as a Member of the Advisory Board of Mu Sigma Inc.

Peter Hempstead

DemandFarm is just the kind of innovative technology I am interested in supporting. I back DemandFarm because I believe it is disruptive while being rooted in the ground realities of Key Account Management. In my experience, it quite successfully addresses the concerns of multiple stakeholders of the Key Account Management process. Sales leaders looking for a consistent and systematic way of managing and growing large strategic accounts; Sales Ops teams seeking increasingly effective and transformative sales enablement tools and Key Account Managers, who want a system that supports them rather than the other way round. DemandFarm is, quite simply, the way forward for Key Account Management.

Peter Hempstead has spent more than two decades at Procter & Gamble holding various key positions around the world and another decade with food confectionary major Wrigleys, ending as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Strategy and New Business. He now serves on the board of World Kitchen LLC (whose brands include Pyrex, Visions Cookware and Corelle), invests in startups and works with charitable organisation.

Sanoch Management

Sanoch Management is delighted to be a part of the DemandFarm journey. It is adding value to a vastly underserved space. Key Accounts take up vast resources to manage and grow, and Key Account Managers could use a trustworthy partner to help them optimize the revenues that come out of that investment. We believe DemandFarm has the potential to be that partner and wish them all the success.

Sanoch Management LLC is a consulting and investment firm for financial companies, start-ups, and venture capital firms. Sanoch Management was founded in 2000 with an investment style of working with proprietary capital. Sanoch President William Campbell is a seasoned and respected member of the financial community, and his partner Lorie Kombert brings many years of successful venture investing experience. The firm is based in New York, NY but has investments and consulting clients worldwide.

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