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B2Bs across verticals are adding Key Account Management Software to their CRM.

Here’s why?

With 4000 Client Accounts in our CRM, our 120 Key Accounts were getting lost in the crowd. CRM just couldn’t address the complexity and depth of analysis, planning or governance required.

That’s no way to treat the Accounts that bring in 80% of our revenues.

With DemandFarm’s Key Account Management software, we were able to bring those Key Accounts into laser-sharp focus within the CRM ecosystem.

For 100 Key Accounts, we had 100 PPTs for Account Plans, another 100 Excel sheets for financial data (and up to 3X versions for each) sitting around in laptops, phones, and emails. Contacts and opportunities were in the CRM and Account Manager’s heads.

When intel is everywhere, it is really nowhere.

DemandFarm consolidated existing data into one format, at one place so we could mine insights in real-time, with access control and security built-in.

Analysis and planning were a nightmare. The last straw was finding 114 separate entries in our CRM for 1 Global Account – spread across geographies and buying units.

Where could we even begin to consolidate data and contacts, let alone map opportunities and plan strategy?

DemandFarm joined the dots for tier-wise visibility across geographies, functions and buying units – but with just 1 aggregated Global Account Plan we can easily track for Whitespace, people, and actions.

We lost some star Key Account Managers over the years. Losing key people means losing critical Account intelligence, knowledge about Client initiatives, key people influencing those initiatives, threats, and opportunities and stakeholder affiliations.

No number of handovers can bring that intel back into the organization.

With DemandFarm, new managers have access to years of Account Plans, comprehensive Whitespace Analysis, Org Chart with Heat Map, Reports – everything important. It has improved continuity and speeded up onboarding drastically.

We spent a bomb on institutionalizing our sales methodologies and processes with a big Consultant at a Sales Conference that all KAMs attended. The challenge was to institutionalize the templates and sustain them over time.

Six months later, only half the managers adopted it and about 7 of them left by the end of that year.

DemandFarm has helped quickly and sustainably institutionalize those core KAM processes and the Consultant’s methodology so that we can shift the focus from management to growth.

Account Managers Across Verticals
Key Accounts Grown
Key Accounts Revenue Managed and Grown

Is this you?

A B2B Company offering multiple, complex, high-value solutions with long-term client engagements

  • Your major revenues come from Key Accounts, but you still manage them with CRM
  • You aim to make Key Account engagements deeper and wider every year
  • You want to grow Key Account revenues without new software or methodology investments
  • You want to save time and remain competitive when Key Account Managers leave
  • Standardising Account Management processes and methodology has been a challenge

Here is how DemandFarm can help

Turn the spotlight on Key Accounts with deeper analysis, better planning, and reliable governance

Annual plans inside your CRM, leveraging existing data, leading to specific goals, activities, support required
Analyze, track, govern multiple Key Accounts from one place – the big picture and the details that matter
Native to Salesforce– no integration/ connectors/ APIs. Your data is secure and available all the time

Institutionalize Key Account Management processes and methodology quickly and sustainably

Collate data from silos, build organizational intelligence: one format, one location, one click with DemandFarm
Enable strategic collaboration with internal stakeholders in real time
Spot and leverage opportunities for value creation and growth with enabling tools and insights

Grow business from existing Key Accounts – with DemandFarm’s powerful FarMing Engine® technology

Configures to any existing sales methodology
Nurture, farm, mine, and harvest the relationship with a dynamic system that gives insights, makes you think & coaxes you to act
Build deeper and wider engagements – we call it Account Farming.


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How we do it

DemandFarm technology
enables the people and
institutionalizes the processes
that drive Key Accounts.

We thought about what makes Key Account Management tick. We regularly invest hundreds of hours working with Key Account Teams to understand your unique needs and complexities.

And we figured it’s the people and the processes. It’s the Art and the Science. We’re laser focused on the ‘everything possible’ that we can do with technology, to strengthen both.

              How ready are you to grow your key accounts? Find out!

Technology that enables the people

We’ve thought of all the little details so you can focus on the big rocks
Effortless Data Management
Customer-centric insights from existing CRM data, at one place, in one format
Smoother Stakeholder Engagement
Easy collaboration across global teams, on-the-go access
Integrate existing methodology into daily ops for max efficiency
Power Of Visual Technology
User-centric interface, easy-access tabs, visual and proactive
Dedicated ‘Customer Success’ team, in-app support
Full access control, complete data security and ownership

Functionality that institutionalizes the processes

Seamless operational efficiencies so tasks don’t get in the way of work

It’s easier to manage complex, global matrix Clients with systematic and standardized processes.
DemandFarm’s FarMing Engine® gets everyone on the same page so that you can shift the focus from management to growth more effectively.
Reduced dependency on individuals, harnessing latent intel and smoother handovers are an added bonus!
All the customer centric insights across a complex set of variables, for multiple Key Accounts
Annual account planning from inside your CRM leading to specific goals, activities, support required
Check deviations and course correct proactively
Quantify and qualify all the variables that matter
The big picture and all the details, for multiple Key Accounts- one place, one format
One-click presentation and sharing mode with access control

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