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Living Breathing
Account Plans inside your CRM

  • Native
  • Review & Track
  • Standardize & Scale

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The Vantage point
Leadership Insights

  • Aggregate account data from
    disparate systems
  • Pre-built dashboards, reports, and
    recommendation engines
  • Trends & Insights

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Account Planning
made ridiculously EASY

  • Automated workflows
  • Reduced form fills
  • Online reviews
  • Drive action, not Inspection

Challenges in B2B Account Planning

Key Accounts data and intelligence is spread across the organization
(financials in external systems, plans in ppt and Contacts & Opportunities in CRM)

Account Intelligence is Tacit and risk of data loss due to employee attrition impacts future growth

Leadership visibility and governance of account planning hampers scalability of Key Account Management / Strategic Account Management programs

Best Practices are often not standardized across the organization; Disparate Approaches rule the roost

Future Account potential & planning data absent from LRPs due to lack of data aggregation options

Absence of a standard tool increases the complexity to manage Key Account planning/ Strategic account planning Programs

Institutionalize Account Planning

Account Manager

  • Simplify views of key account data that maximize cross-sell/ up-sell
  • Automated workflows which eliminate tedious form fills
  • Create and manage account plans inside the CRM

Sales Leader

  • Use Online reviews & pre-built Dashboards which brings visibility of the FOREST, beyond the trees
  • Manage Tasks and actions seamlessly
  • Enable “Enterprise Memory” – Eliminate the impact of people attrition on the largest customers

Sales Operations

It’s not just about Data Entry

Integrated Account Planning native to your CRM that connects to external data sources as well.

Account Strategy that aligns current Financials, White space analysis,  relationship mapping, Account Health info, Competitor Intelligence, Collaboration needs, Meeting schedules, Goal Setting and more.

Adopts most Sales templates already being used in your organization for quicker adoption. Configurable and Re-usable at its core.

Improved Collaboration, Governance & Review: Saves time with automated reporting. Easily engage in discussions with your leadership and peers during planning. Assign tasks and responsibility to scale the account to new heights!

Deeper Insights through analytics of aggregated data ; 2x more revenue due to increased cross-selling opportunities and actionable Account information.

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Reviews by our Clients

Very good KAM tool

“My company has been rolling out DemandFarm globally over the last couple of months. The application is fairly easy to use and navigate. In order to be of true value it naturally relies on the data quality in Salesforce and integration with other data sources, in particular finance incl. billing for the revenue tracking. The only catch is that you need some level of formal KAM training to navigate DemandFarm and interpret some of the analytics and information screens. But overall a very good professional application that is now being used in our organization for all monthly and quarterly management reviews, i.e. no more separate presentations!”


– Rainer Schendel

One Stop Shop for Account Planning

“Demand Farm’s Account Planner app, combined with the Org Chart app, provides a comprehensive and user-friendly application for simple or complex account planning. The Account Planner app can be customized to support your business processes showing wins, losses, open opportunities, and the account-level strategy in a very user-intuitive view. Used alongside the Org Chart app, users get a clear view of an account and how strategies and relationships may impact active opportunities.

Implementation was seamless with Demand Farm’s highly responsive support team and with benefits that were recognized in very short time.”


– Donny Reblitz

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