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Account Planning made


Digitally transform to Data-driven Account Planning

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Account Planning made


Digitally transform to data-driven account planning

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Integration-ready products that are native to, or connect with leading Sales Tech platforms

  • Native to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Flexible, configurable and deployable with your existing templates and formats
  • Connects to all leading Sales Tech platforms
key account management software native to salesforce and microsoft dynamics

Real-time availability of data across strategic accounts for organization-wide collaboration

  • Move away from Excel and PowerPoint by creating and managing Account Plans inside the CRM
  • Provides a unified, aggregated view across cross functional stakeholders for effective collaboration
  • Convert tribal knowledge to enterprise memory

Intuitive In-App guidance, assessment and training for effective change management

  • In-App guidance to drive usage and adoption
  • Best in-class customer success teams that deliver 24*7 training and on-boarding support
  • Account Centric Sales Effectiveness training workshops and assessment models

Institutionalized processes that are consistent, scalable and adaptive

  • Institutionalize your key account management processes
  • Configurable to your existing Account Planning methodologies and templates
  • Adaptable to current and future business needs

Insights for improved Account Planning effectiveness

  • Nudges, playbooks and recommendations for effective account management & revenue maximization
  • Visual account heat maps for optimal cross-selling and up-selling

Impact reporting for oversight & governance across strategic account portfolio

  • Unified leadership and managerial visibility for pro-active and decisive actions on key accounts
  • Use online reviews and pre-built dashboards for planning and governance
  • Access all reports on demand

The current business environment demands an increased focus on strategic accounts for enterprise growth and stability. In an era where digital transformation has impacted all enterprise functions, strategic account management cannot be far behind. The future of strategic account sales demands improved collaboration, on-demand account intelligence and proactive risk assessment. Discover DemandFarm ACsE. An intelligent, flexible and scalable approach to consistently create and deliver value to your Strategic Account Management.

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Gartner named DemandFarm as one of the leaders in Digital Account Planning  Category. Request a Demo to learn more.

Committed to Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is here to ensure you are getting the most out of DemandFarm

  • + Technical in-app guidance and user group on-boarding
  • + Adoption support with user training for sales teams
  • + Product configurations and customizations based on your current sales methodologies
  • + Account Centric Sales Effectiveness Assessment and training workshops

Great Org Chart tool & Superior Customer Support

DemandFarm's Org Chart tool is a must if you're managing large accounts and focused on understanding your relationships, penetration, and whitespace. The tool is very simple to use and highly configurable. The DemandFarm team, from customer support to product ownership and development has been top notch. Highly recommend giving this a try!

- Darren Knapp -

Director - Global Operations

Great Account Planning Tool + Incredible Support Experience = Ridiculously Awesome!!

It provides a good structure that is customizable and scalable enough to fit the business needs and is very intuitive to use.

- Joselle Formeloza -

DemandFarm - Good tool and Great Support

We have been using DemandFarm for creating and maintaining Account Development Plans. The tool is very easy to use and personally, I like the features like the grandstand, landscape, and plan section. We also get great support from the Customer Success team, one of the best!

- Anand Perumal –

General Manager

One Stop Shop for Account Planning

DemandFarm's Account Planner app, combined with the Org Chart app, provides a comprehensive and user-friendly application for simple or complex account planning. Implementation was seamless with DemandFarm's highly responsive support team

- Donny Reblitz –


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Account Planning made


Digitally transform to Data-driven Account Planning

Account Planning made


Digitally transform to data-driven account planning

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