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Org Chart software manage key accounts to Convert contacts to relationships

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Convert contacts to relationships

Whitespace Analysis Software to zoom in to key accounts to identify white-spaces of growth

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B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges?

It is not just about Data Entry

Demand Farm solves Key Account Complexity for B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Key Account Complexity

Demand Farm solves Data Management Challenges for Strategic Account Management Challenges

Data Management Challenges

Demand Farm helps in Attrition and Continuity for solving B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Attrition & Continuity

Demand Farm helps in Key account planning for B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Key Account Planning

Demand Farm helps in Process and Methodologies for solving strategic account management challenges

Processes & Methodologies

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account planner creative

Account Planner – Simple is powerful and beautiful too

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Key Account Plans over the decades have become complex and theoretical. Most Account Managers just check the box by filling in the template at the beginning of the year and…

salesforce org chart tool reasons

4 Reasons Why a Salesforce Org Chart Tool

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Salesforce is to businesses, what an iPhone is to consumers. From 2000, has become a ‘default’ at sales driven and account driven organizations. Salesforce’s growth is a testimony to…

key account management org chart sans

Key Account Management sans Org Chart

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What does a 19th century management tool got to do with modern day key account management? It is not surprising that the org chart never gets its due. Partly because…

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