Making Account Management data driven, predictable and scalable

The DemandFarm Impact

Our Product Suite

Data Driven Account Plans, Actionable Insights,
One-Click Account Reviews and Real-time Governance

Relationship Intelligence to expand growth opportunities by staying connected with the right stakeholders.
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A systematic and collaborative approach to planning and closing large, complex enterprise deals.
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Revenue Seepage Evaluation

Estimate the potential revenue & efficiency leak in using traditional approach to Key Account Planning & Management.


Bridging the whitespaces

Customers have brought in disruptive growth for their business with DemandFarm

Truly Adaptive

The Growth Engine that grows with you

Progressive and Modular

A comprehensive yet flexible Key Account Management Product Suite with modular rollouts aligned to your readiness levels and business priorities. Adaptive and configurable framework to facilitate simplified account planning.

Connected Apps and Contextual Insights

Connect seamlessly with 3rd party apps, systems or data sources to deliver a holistic experience powered by contextual insights.

Ease of Transition and Change Management

Designed for easy implementation and reduced operational effort. Our team of experts will support you through the roll-out process to onboard and train users to derive the best business outcomes.

Native to Salesforce and works with any CRM

Built on platform to provide a seamless extension of the Salesforce experience.

This helps drive higher adoption and lowers training costs.
A bi-directional sync of account information ensures high data quality and integrity.

A robustly connected app ecosystem surfaces 3rd party app data within, and drives more contextual, account-level insights to deliver a holistic experience.

Impenetrable Security

Focus on analyzing your data and not worrying about protecting it.

We have baked in comprehensive data security into the entire suite.

Everybody wins here

There’s a lot packed in for every Sales and Marketing role

Sales Enablement
  • Institutionalizing of key account management methodologies & processes
  • Easy onboarding & training new account managers
  • Cross pollination of best practices & winning ideas
  • Leverage insights from salestech & martech stack
  • Reporting and analytics on all aspects of account management within Salesforce
Sales Leader
  • Visibility into key account portfolio
  • Control & Continuity in case of Account Manager movement
  • Roll-out, monitor and test strategic initiatives (new products, new geographies, new thinking) easily into key accounts
  • Institutionalizing of key account management methodologies & processes
Account Manager
  • Simplified, Data-driven & Visual way of account analysis, planning and reviews
  • Insights & Recommendations for the next best actions
  • Cross pollination of best practices & winning ideas
  • Cross team collaboration made easy
  • Leveraging insights from marketing campaigns
  • Refining & making campaign messages more targeted