Salesforce Key Account Management with DemandFarm

Salesforce Key Account Management

Salesforce – the world’s most popular sales enablement software

It is no surprise that Salesforce is among the world’s most popular sales enablement software for businesses. As organizations wanted to be strategically significant to their customers, they inevitably realized the value and necessity of implementing Key Account Management in Salesforce.

It made world class CRM suddenly accessible to companies of all sizes, with its cloud based technology. Suddenly, the investment and liability that came with developing a custom-made CRM technology vanished.

There were several benefits associated with the deployment of Key Account Management in Salesforce, like providing companies with an interface for case management as well as task management. It also gave a system for automatically routing and escalating events that were important. The Salesforce customer portal gave customers the facility to track their own cases, a social networking plug-in with several beneficial features.

Salesforce and its a-la-carte functionalities

With their innovative AppExchange, Salesforce users could also create a-la-carte set of functionalities designed to suit their specific needs. What’s more, the SaaS deployment model of most of the Apps on AppExchange empowered users with a pay-as-you-use model. It enabled faster scale up (or down) as required, without the botheration of additional investments. It also gave users access to the latest technology, instant access to new innovations and ongoing continuous improvement in the functionalities without additional investment. Consequently, Key Account Management in Salesforce was received with open arms by the organizations.

There was now none of the liability of failure or the burden of ROI either. Perhaps more importantly, Salesforce can be credited with creating a competitive ecosystem of technology creators, for every conceivable CRM, sales and MarTech functionality one could ever need. The App developers had to keep on the cutting edge of technology if they were to remain competitive, given the relative ease with which users could stop subscribing to their software and switch to another one.

DemandFarm’s enabling technology on Salesforce

Amidst all the functionalities that came up for Key Account Management in Salesforce was DemandFarm’s enabling technology for Key Account Management.

Highly specialised KAM Technology

B2Bs could now deploy a highly specialised Key Account Management technology – with a full suite of functionalities to handle Key Account complexities – from inside their Salesforce CRM system. This meant an additional level of specialisation for their Key Accounts built into their Salesforce CRM, with no additional login or setup. Perhaps the best outcome of the DemandFarm’s Key Account Management software being native to Salesforce, is that it can pull most of the data it needs from Salesforce. Key Account Managers do not have to fill in additional forms or spend precious time on data entry or collation. DemandFarm can use all the data already existing in Salesforce CRM and leverage it to perform the highly specialised analytics Key Accounts need.

DemandFarm was recently featured on “Salesforce App Mavericks” on Salesforce AppExchange. Watch the video here

DemandFarm helps connect the dots

The highly complex Key Accounts require more than just managing. This poses a major challenge for organizations. In order to harness their true business potential, Key Accounts require nurturing, growth and harvesting. This is where DemandFarm plays an important role. DemandFarm fills this gap and helps connect these dots. All important stakeholders including Sales leadership, Sales Ops, Key Account Managers – are able to seamlessly analyse, plan, track and govern their Key Accounts with the help of DemandFarm.

Increasing time for saleswork

At DemandFarm, already having deployed Key Account Management in Salesforce ecosystem helps in getting maximum data being populated automatically from the Salesforce CRM data. Since everything about the Key Account is in one place and in uniform format, Sales professionals can save hours that were earlier spent chasing after various stakeholders for customer-related data points, crunching the numbers or other mundane data management tasks. This also means minimal-to-no data entry for Account Managers – and eventually more time for real Sales work!

Real-time marketing knowledge

The FarMing Engine is at the core of this high end technology. This turns out to be the most unique way to understand and leverage the long term relationships; identify correct opportunities; and measure critical success metrics. DemandFarm provides Key Account Management teams the real-time market knowledge they need to excel. Precisely, DemandFarm turns Strategic Accounts from being complex to being controllable.

Excellent strategic decisions

Since the data and the related intel mined from the data is auto-populated and real-time, so everything about the Key Account is actually in real time. This customer centric and real-time intel helps make all the right strategic decisions.

Distinct advantage across B2B verticals

Users across almost every B2B vertical including manufacturing, automotive, retail and finance have had the distinct advantage of DemandFarm. Being native to Salesforce, users have experienced being on edge when it comes to extending their CRM to address challenges unique to Key or Strategic Accounts.

Renewed focal point

Our renewed focus is on enabling our stakeholders and institutionalizing the processes that drive growth for Key Accounts. Key Accounts can be managed, facilitated or enriched with technology, and by being on the Cloud, with the convenience of AppExchange, adds to the advantage.

Someone who is a B2B and on Salesforce, must invariably see how technology at DemandFarm can transform the way you Key Accounts are managed, grown and harnessed.

In an age where technology determines success, those harnessing with the technology are sure to leave their competitors far behind!