Sales Intelligence and best sales intelligence software

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A salesperson without sales intelligence is like an eagle without eyes.

Sale is a long hard process that tends to take everything out of salesperson. But it does not need to be this way. The main problem faced by a salesperson is the lack of information. This does not only slow down your sales team but hinders your sales process. Just by providing your salesperson with useful bits information he can choose whom to pursue and how to pursue.

This sort of information or tool provided to the sales team is known as sales intelligence. Sales intelligence – this is where a sales intelligence software comes in.

So, what is a sales intelligence software?

A sales intelligence software is a lot of things. But essentially it is any tool that provides information to the salesperson that might help him win more quality sales opportunity. Not only does a sales intelligence software help in close more prospects but also refines the sales process for an organization.

For instance if a sales intelligence software provides information about a prospect’s social profiles, the salesperson can better predict the prospect’s personality and hence make a better sale. In the end, sales intelligence software increases productivity while simultaneously decreasing the sales cycle.

Now that I’ve explained the importance of sales intelligence software, let’s talk about some sales intelligence software that can change your sales cycle.

Sales Intelligence Software Types

We have divided all the sales intelligence software under various types.

  • Key Account Management Software
  • Data Enrichment
  • Sales Forecasting

Key Account Management Software

A Key Account Management software helps an organization better manage and grow their Key Accounts. Key Accounts are accounts which are responsible for the majority of the revenue for an organization. Hence they should be given special care.

DemandFarm – DemandFarm is a Key Account Management software that can help your sales team in their cross-selling and upselling efforts. It does this by giving you Key Account Management tools like relationship mapping and account tracking. Relationship mapping helps you know every internal and external shareholder via an organization chart. This helps the salesperson find and build a relationship with the right person in the organization.

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Data Enrichment Tools

These tools make the process of prospecting simple for your sales team. As the sales team is provided a minimal amount of information about the prospects. Data enrichment tools provide sales team with much-needed information which makes it easy for the sales team to interact with the prospects.

Datanyze – Datanyze is a sales intelligence software which provides excellent data enrichment. It provides accurate information by referring to it’s database comprising of 40+ million companies. It also works along with popular CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce. Along with this, it provides technographic information which helps you understand prospect’s current technology profile (tools used by your prospect currently). This makes it a highly effective tool for SaaS prospecting.

Leadspace – Leadspace is a data enrichment and audience management platform. It crawls various online platform to collect data about your prospects. It later applies predictive analytics to this data to help you understand who would be your ideal customer. This helps your sales team better segment prospects and focus on the one’s that matter.

LeadGenius – LeadGenius is a data enrichment tool that helps you maintain and enrich your lead database. It not only fetches relevant information related to your prospects but also cleans your existing lead database. Still not enough, then it will find new prospects in your current accounts.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is the process of estimation of future sales. With an accurate sales forecast, companies can make better plans and allocate resources wisely.

Tableau – Tableau is a sales intelligence software that helps you pull data from various systems in an organization to provide you with essential insights. Further, it uses data visualization to help you understand these insights in a better way. Due to this you get an accurate picture of existing sales and future forecasts

Aviso – Aviso gives you the power to “own the target” by providing you with accurate sales forecasting. It applies predictive analytics to the data it collects. It integrates with all major CRM systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud and others.