Milind Katti

Milind Katti

February 25, 2016

What is Sales Mastery? Is it the same as Sales Enablement?

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Sales Mastery is more often than not construed as ‘building a good relationship’. Period. Nothing can be further from the truth. A good sales job is not just about building a good relationship with the prospect or customer, but about sales mastery.

Today, sales is more about value selling than anything else. If you are able to convince the prospect that you have value on offer, he is more likely to bite, read buy. Buying, after all, is all about selling value. Sales mastery is about 3 things:

  1. Being a domain expert
  2. Creating perceived and real value for customers
  3. Tapping technology to its fullest to build in efficiencies and effectiveness

Being a domain expert

All of this takes a lot of hard work and burning the midnight oil if you may. Being a domain expert means you are using most of your spare time and non-working hours in catching up on the domain/industry that you are selling to. This is digging into your own time for research and learning. Only if you know more about the domain of your customer, will you be able to speak, persuade, sell with conviction. Conviction and leadership come with knowledge

Talk about how you can add value to his business

Talk about numbers, because business, whether you like it or not, is about numbers. Tell your prospects what difference you can make to their business numbers, how it will benefit their business, in how much time and what cost. Talk about the risks and how they are managed, talk about case studies – your best case studies of the past and how they benefitted you.

Talk technology

Technology needs to be leveraged in order to maximize its potential. In the modern world, data is assuming not just importance but criticality. This data can be used fully to work for sales.

The data that is collected can be analyzed to glean a huge amount of valuable information which can go a long way in winning not just sales, but also your customers. Moreover, the customer will know and perhaps appreciate that you have done your homework before you met him. Sales Mastery is about an individual, but sales enablement is about how the organization works to make the individual salesperson work on his sales pitch.

It is about using the CRM to work with the marketing team in lead nurturing. It is about a lot of things that we will see below in short.

What really is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a set of tools, techniques, processes, and technology that ‘enable the salesperson’ and the organization’s sales force to make the most of their sales skill sets and move from being good to being great.

It is the stepping in of the organization and the stepping up of the areas which will help take the salesperson on the growth path in the value chain and the buyer derive more value at every sales point.

Sales enablement is a support system that stands rock solid behind the sales person to deliver efficiencies and effectiveness with the right framework. This framework is chiefly about the sales methodology, process, and technology.

This framework is centered around how, by using these three, your sales team can thrive. More in detail, in our forthcoming blogs.

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