Is An Account Manager - Robot? Iron Man? Or Superman?

The approach to problem-solving was superbly explained to me by Dhiraj Rajaram of Mu Sigma. I loved the simplicity of the framework & its analogy. The implication in the business process and problem-solving is profound.


I kept revisiting this framework for the Key Account Management process. So what persona do you want your Account Managers to have? 

Robot: Key Account Management is not that simple. One cannot ‘automate’ the whole process and have Robots run the process.

There is a uniqueness to every b2b company in terms of what value they add to their strategic accounts. Their uniqueness to each account of the same b2b company. So unless you sell something that is completely commoditized, you cannot make your Account Managers into Robots.

Superman: You would want all your Account Managers to be Supermen of course. That's not going to happen. Few could be, that too for some time and not all the time. Training all your Account Managers to be Supermen is not scalable or sustainable.

Iron Man: I like him. He is a human and if provided with the right tech and account planning tools can do amazing things. A reasonably intelligent and passionate account team provided with tech & tools (read DemandFarm). They return amazing results. This is scalable & sustainable.

At DemandFarm we automate the repetitive & simpler tasks of an Account Manager (Robot). We also provide frameworks that can be configured to suit your company’s Strategic Account Management process (Iron Man). We leave the ‘human’ in your Account Manager to do what only humans can do (Superman).

That's why 5000+ Account Managers love using DemandFarm’s key account management software to manage and grow their accounts.

Let us show you how we do it.

Milind is CEO & Co-Founder of DemandFarm. Having practiced and evolved the ‘account farming’ principle for over a decade he established DemandFarm and is passionate about delivering the best B2B key account management tool to serve the needs of key account managers. Milind also serves on the Board of LeadEnrich & is a Strategic Adviser.

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