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    Enriched Org Charts for deeper stakeholder visibility

    $20 Per User / Per Month

    Easy Drag and Drop to Create Hierarchy
    Opportunity & Pipeline View across Contacts
    Affinity and Power- Tracker
    Capture Relationship Owners
    Sub-Hierarchy and Opportunity Org Charts
    Influencer Maps across contacts
    Contact Engagement Matrix
    Meetings & Tasks View Basic
    Placeholder & Partner Contacts view
    Ability to export Org Charts
    Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    Impact Reporting
    Insights and Recommendations
    Professional Services/Customizations

    Starter Plan

    Simple yet powerful Account Planning tool for selling to enterprises

    $50 Per User / Per Month

    Advanced Plan Best Value

    Customize & Scale your existing Account Planning process

    $70 Per User / Per Month

    Org Chart
    Contact Engagement Matrix
    Meeting Planner and Tracker
    Account Landscape
    Account Profile
    Activity Planner and Tracker
    Growth Strategy
    Account Segmentation
    Competitor Analysis
    Qualitative Templates
    Impact Reporting Basic Advanced
    Annual Account Plan Basic Advanced
    1-click Review Basic Advanced
    Account Insights & Recommendations Basic Advanced
    Professional Services/Customizations Available Available
    Leverage Sales Playbooks to qualify Opportunities.

    $30 Per User / Per Month

    Sales Playbook
    Scorecard (Qualifying Opportunities)
    Stakeholder Mapping