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To succeed with Account Planning and Management

KAM Suite to manage and grow key accounts

KAM Suite

Analyze, Plan & Govern to grow key accounts in a whole new way and easily

Org Chart software manage key accounts to Convert contacts to relationships

Org Chart

Convert contacts to relationships

Whitespace Analysis Software to zoom in to key accounts to identify white-spaces of growth

Account Planner

Zoom in to key accounts to identify whitespaces of growth and get cracking


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B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges?

It is not just about Data Entry

Demand Farm solves Key Account Complexity for B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Lack Of Standardization

Demand Farm solves Data Management Challenges for Strategic Account Management Challenges

Risk Of Data/Intelligence Loss

Demand Farm helps in Attrition and Continuity for solving B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Lack Of Integration

Demand Farm helps in Key account planning for B2B Strategic Account Management Challenges

Missed Opportuinities

Demand Farm helps in Process and Methodologies for solving strategic account management challenges

Lack Of Scalability

Everything you need, only a click away

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