DemandFarm helped Veracode build thriving strategic relationships with key accounts using Org Chart Software

This Case study highlights how DemandFarm helped Veracode build thriving strategic relationships with key accounts using Org Chart Software.

About the Veracode

Veracode is an application security company based in Burlington, Massachusetts that offers automated cloud-based service for securing web, mobile and third-party enterprise applications. Veracode provides multiple security analysis technologies on a single platform, including static analysis, dynamic analysis, mobile application behavioral analysis and software composition analysis.

The Challenges

  • Scattered account data in multiple formats that made it difficult to make sense of the data and transform it into meaningful intelligence.
  • Data accessibility challenges to the employees at the right time to make faster decisions.
  • Lack of client data analysis inside Salesforce that caused Salespeople to manually export CRM data to an external tool for analysis.
  • Difficulty in getting deeper insights on client data such as organizational structure for account managers to grow their client’s revenue.

The Solution

Veracode considered DemandFarm’s Org chart tool to be a one-stop solution to build the visual landscape of their key accounts that made their account managers’ life easier.

Let’s see how Veracode employed DemandFarm’s Org chart,

  1. Entire data brought to a single platform that were easily accessed by the entire key account management team.
  2. Direct integration with Salesforce saved a lot of Salesperson’s time and improved productivity.
  3. Built Interactive Org Charts helped to illustrate graphically the client organization’s formal hierarchy to understand the relationships and job positions of all the employees.
  4. Analysis of qualitative data assisted in triggering critical decisions when it comes to account management and account planning.
  5. Gave meaningful insights to overcome to answer all the questions raised by the account manager such as,
  6. How to keep track of who all they know and what all they know about them?
  7. Where do they lie in the formal hierarchy of their organization?
  8. Who controls what budgets?

Approach to Implementation

Step 1. Buy-in decision taken by the sales leadership team of Veracode.
Step 2. DemandFarm gathered requirements for the customization of the solution.
Step 3. DemandFarm and Veracode agreed on the timeline for release.
Step 4. All the users who were expected to use the tool were communicated whenever required.
Step 5. Training sessions were organized by DemandFarm to train users to get well versed with the Org chart tool and the functionalities.
Step 6. Veracode’s account manager’s journey with the easy Drag and Drop functionality tool started.

Veracode’s journey with DemandFarm’s Org Chart

During a webinar on Org chart software, James Tambini – Sr.System Analyst in Veracode shared that Veracode has decided to include Org Charts in Account reviews, Deals reviews, QBRs to make better decisions. He said that the users were very much delighted about the easy to use functionality that they had seen increased usage at the end of the first quarter itself. He also added that account managers are looking for ways to increase the usage of the org chart as it provides information and quick valuable insight to understand and close deals faster.


“The DemandFarm team was very responsive to requests, questions and were very open to suggestions on how they can leverage the tools in many ways. DemanFarm has repeatedly offered to collaborate on end-user training, ways to increase adoption and utilization of the tool. Support was always available to help with version upgrades, new functionality and features.”

-James Tambini, Sr.System Analyst, Veracode