4 Reasons Why a Salesforce Org Chart Tool

salesforce org chart tool reasons

Salesforce is to businesses, what an iPhone is to consumers. Salesforce Org Chart Software is to Salesforce, what Linkedin is to iPhone.

From 2000, Salesforce.com has become a ‘default’ at sales driven and account driven organizations. Salesforce’s growth is a testimony to this. Ask any enterprise or medium-sized business that has been growing consistently; chances are they are running on Salesforce.

At the heart of Salesforce, are contacts and its efficient management. High and aggressive use over a considerable time period,  could ‘muddle’ the Salesforce instance. This is especially true for contacts and accounts management. It leads to slow decision-making, missed growth opportunities and avoidable waste of effort. A simple salesforce org chart tool could provide much-needed clarity.

Let us take a look at how an org chart in salesforce could help.

Visual Map of Contacts

Salesforce.com functions as the go-to system for all aspects of a customer relationship. But as David Taber, the author of the Prentice Hall book, “Salesforce.com Secrets of Success,” remarked rightly in this post how quickly data gets discounted in salesforce. This happens because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of process in adding customer data
  • Ever-changing hands in marketing, sales, and support
  • Omission and commission errors

To be fair to users, the existing user interface showcasing contacts in a ‘list’ view does not help either. It seems fine until the number of contacts is in single digits, but not when contacts grow beyond a manageable list. That is when the need for a visual contact map arises. The last three salesforce org chart tool inquiries at DemandFarm had a very simple requirement. They just wanted a tool to display their salesforce contacts visually in the form of an organization chart.

Handover and Onboarding

I just got off an org chart demo with a sales operations team. Would you guess their biggest complaint in managing contacts within Salesforce? It isn’t to do with managing contacts. It is when an account manager or a sales rep leaves. A simple process to handover accounts always seems missing. The issues do not stop at handover. When a new account manager joins, it feels as if the current account is in a state of mess. A neatly populated org chart builder within salesforce could make this transition frictionless and even exciting, maybe.

Sales Enablement Initiatives

Sales operations and salesforce admin teams work together to help sales teams spend more time on quality sales conversations than the operational hassles of setting up systems like Salesforce. In this endeavor, sales ops teams are always on the lookout for tools and processes that improve the functioning of sales and account teams. The simplicity of an org chart native to Salesforce is a compelling use case.

Easy Key Account Management with salesforce org chart

In a recent post, this DemandFarm blog had declared, ‘No Org Chart, No Key Account Management.’ Relationships are central to successful key account management. An org chart enables key account managers to capture the nature of the relationships that exist within the key accounts, including their context. This enables KAM’s to execute account plans with minimum ambiguity.

How else are your teams using the Salesforce org chart tool? Are there use cases other than the above?

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