DemandFarm Wins The Salesforce Demo Jam

By April 16, 2019News & Updates

DemandFarm has great news to share! We are the winners at the Demo Jam hosted by Salesforce between 6 appexchange partners. It is an opportunity to showcase your software/app to the community and users in a way that is easily understandable in under 3-minutes. Let’s see what our team has to say about the competition.

But before that, a quick background of Demo Jam.

What is the Demo Jam?

Demo Jams are a game show style event where 4-8 app partners showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo.

  • In the end, the attendee’s vote live on their favorite demo (the winner gets an exciting prize)
  • Hosted by AppExchange and Salesforce MVPs

Why did we participate?

Demo Jam is a great opportunity to give a demo to a live audience of 80-150. In our case, the audience was none other than 188 of Salesforce’s own solution engineers. They are critical and really influential in the Salesforce community. Their verdict holds a great deal of value in the community and to the users. Also, AppExchange heavily promotes each partner throughout the program.

The Rules of Demo Jam?

It’s simple. There are only three rules.

  1. The live demo must be three minutes (or less)
  2. NO slides/powerpoint/video – it must be a live demo
  3. There will only be one winner per Demo Jam


What does our CEO have to say?

Let us ask Milind Katti, CEO of DemandFarm, what his thoughts on the planning for the Demo Jam were.

When you submitted your entry, at what stage was the planning?  Early stage or finished presentation? 

We were at a very early stage. We just wanted to create awareness in the Salesforce community and this was one such opportunity. Hence, we applied for the program.

How did you feel on the day of the competition?

The preparation took several iterations in terms of script and demo screens. Until the last day, we were still debating the script. But it required several practice rounds to get the voice and screens to match (slides were not allowed, only actual product screens). 3 mins were very strictly followed by Salesforce. Mithun, VP of Sales, practiced several hours to get the whole thing right. On the day – little nervous but largely confident of doing a great job.

The Jury being Salesforce Solution engineers is outright critical, How was it performing in such a setting?

It was all over in a flash. Except for the first 5 seconds, we were in flow (zone). That was because of the practice.

The winning moment… What happened?

Frankly, we thought when all the demos ended, we were the best. But winning this when we applied 3 months ago was unexpected. When we were announced as winners – we were ecstatic.

What was your secret sauce to win this competition?

Get the message right – in terms of persona demoing and conveying the benefits while showing the product features. Chose the top 3-4 benefits, don’t try to cramp all features. After that practice and then practice some more. Record the demos during practice and redo.

Thank you Milind, that was some great insight.


In conversation with the Demoer, Mithun Raj, Vice President – Sales & Customer Success. We asked him what his experience was like.

“The Demo Jam is the ultimate Salesforce Partner face off. In the game show style format, the approach that Salesforce nudges the participants to take is simply enthralling. As a Demoer, while I was conscious that our efforts were aimed at driving increased awareness and visibility of DemandFarm with the internal Salesforce audience (Solution Engineers), the game format definitely triggered our competitive drive. We wanted to win this. Period.

Our thorough preparation was critical in our eventual success. We were clear that our demo should be able to bring out the overall value of our tool from both a business as well as a user context. We adopted personas within the demo of actual users and highlighted some of the challenges they would be able to address using the tool. That made a massive difference. The visual appeal of the demo was another critical point that pushed the win. We wanted to bring out various aspects of what the tool can do. Hence, we ensured that the visualization matched the messaging for maximum impact.

So what’s the outcome – In addition to the obviously increased visibility within the Salesforce ecosystem (and the Demo Jam Trophy!), this activity has energized our entire organization. We had our team members jump up in joy when the winning announcement was made, and most importantly helped us with strong validation that we have a strong product on our hands. Nothing beats winning. Especially winning as a team!”


Mithun has amazing clarity and vision when it comes to demonstrating and selling his Key Account Management Software namely, KAM Suite. We look forward to more from him in the coming months.

Do check out our Key Account Management Software, KAM Suite, the winning app in the Demo Jam. It is helping large enterprises make their account planning & execution ridiculously easy.


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