Milind Katti

Milind Katti

May 8, 2017

Best Sales Enablement Software in 2021

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Sales Enablement – reaching your prospects in a better way!

Sales Enablement is any technology, process, or software that helps the sales team increase their efficiency. This may vary from giving your sales team the right information to move the sales acceleration forward, tools to handle their leads better, tools that help the sales team reach the prospects in a better way, or even the tools that help in sales training. If you don’t want to miss sales targets in FY-2017, you will have to choose the sales enablement software that is right for your sales team. We are here to help you in this endeavor.

Here, we have divided the sales enablement tools into various categories to help you find the tool you’re looking for:

  • Account Management
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Customer Experience
  • CRM
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Management and Sales Operations
  • Email

Account Management

This type of tool helps the account managers with up-selling and cross-selling. Key Account Management of your accounts via this tool the helps sales team win more deals.

  • DemandFarm – DemandFarm is a Key Account Management software that helps Key Account Managers identify, manage and grow Key Accounts. Up-selling is an efficient selling method but is many times overlooked in an organization. This tool helps the account manager in finding selling opportunities in their existing Key Accounts which leads to sales.

Sales CRM

Sales CRM helps an organization manage its interactions with current and future customers efficiently. This helps the organization analyze this data to build and implement a better sales strategy.

  • Salesforce – Salesforce is the king of sales CRMs. Its cloud-based solutions provide ease and it is ideal for almost all types of organizations – whether it is SMBs or large enterprises.
  • Insightly – Insightly is an ideal CRM software for small businesses. Insightly understands all the needs of small businesses. It is highly scalable if the business were to grow in the future.

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence is any information given to the sales team that would help them in making the sale, thus improving the sales process. We have divided sales intelligence tools into data enrichment and sales analytics tools.

Data enrichment

  • Experian – Experian is an excellent data enrichment tool. Experian adds demographic data points to your lead from different sources. This helps you segment and understand your leads better.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics provides insights that help you plan better and implement your sales processes.

  • Tableau – Tableau is a business intelligence software that helps you pull data from different sources to provide meaningful insights. Further, it uses data visualization to help you understand these insights in a better way. InsightSquared – InsightSquared is a sales performance analytics solution. It combines data from various sources to provide pre-built reports on every sales metric.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the cumulation of all the experiences a customer has with an organization. A better customer experience leads to better customer retention and hence an increase in sales.

  • Zendesk – Zendesk helps companies improve the way they interact with customers. Zendesk does this by setting up ticket support on multiple channels like chat, email, web, phone, and social media.
  • IBM Tealeaf – IBM Tealeaf helps you monitor your customer experience on the smallest level. It does this by a collection of your server-side requests and responses along with browser-level customer behavior (i.e. user’s behavior on your website). It does all this without affecting your site’s performance.

Sales Management and Operations

Sales management operations refer to the practical implementation of sales techniques and sales processes in an organization.

  • Infusionsoft – Infusionsoft is a small business marketing automation tool that helps you simplify your sales cycle. It helps you to track and segment your leads by features like lead scoring and pipeline management. Further, this helps you to prioritize your leads.
  • HubSpot sales – HubSpot sales is a module in HubSpot’s inbound marketing software and works alongside with HubSpot marketing module and Hubspot CRM. This module helps you sell better by providing rich insights about your prospects while helping you connect with them via all relevant channels.
  • Clari – Clari is a sales enablement platform that helps you in making better sales plans and does better sales forecasting. It increases sales forecast accuracy by doing pipeline management, hence providing better visibility.

Sales Productivity Tools

Your sales team’s time is precious, don’t let it go to waste. Also, see our top three picks for sales productivity apps.

  • DocuSign – DocuSign is an electronic signature software. This helps you stay productive by facilitating the exchange of electronic documents with ease.
  • GoToMeeting – GoToMeeting is a conferencing software that can help your sales guys make prospect calls with ease. It is easy to use and feature-filled.

Mail-Related Tools

E-mails play an important role in the life of sales teams and are an important channel to reach out to prospects.

  • Sales Handly – Sales Handly is a sales enablement tool that helps you track your recipient’s behavior. It does this with features like email and document tracking. Along with this, also provides a mail merge campaign and is easily integrated with your existing CRM.
  • Boomerang – Boomerang is a Gmail plugin. Boomerang helps you to schedule email and set a reminder for follow-ups. It is a simple but very effective tool.

Sales Enablement Software has been undeniably catching on with the enterprises at a very fast pace. It helps companies increase revenue by harnessing the resources and knowledge of the company to support the selling process. It also helps in empowering sales management to identify and immediately improve costly mistakes and missed opportunities that the sales teams make every day. Sales processes continue to evolve and sales enablement is critical in helping your sales team close deals faster. So, you must make your choice with ample evaluation.

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