DemandFarm Rated as the ‘Best KAM Enablement Tool’ by MarTech Advisor

By September 17, 2019News & Updates
DemandFarm: Best key account management software

DemandFarm,  a US-based specialized B2B product company that provides KAM Technology for Key Account Management, has been rated as the ‘Best KAM Enablement Tool’ by MarTech Advisor (MTA), one of the world’s leading source for marketing technology news, research, product comparisons, and expert views.

MarTech Advisor (MTA) recently published an extensive Buyer’s Guide to Key Account Management Software. This 32 – page KAM Buyer’s Guide covers a wide range of topics from opportunities that brought the need for KAM enablement to listing Key Account Management software currently in the market.

The report says that KAM Enablement tools are vital to winning the business battle.  For marketers who wish to build a network, utilize opportunities to grow value for their Key Accounts, KAM enablement is indispensable.

The businesses need to understand how Key Account Enablement can become a custom-fit solution, irrespective of their business, size or stage. The Key Account revenue goals can be met by understanding deployment methods, built-in security, opportunity costs, and scalability.

The report also suggests that by knowing the finer details of Key Account Management tools, businesses can fuel their progress with Key Accounts. Hence, it is imperative to know the important evaluation parameters to turn KAM tech vendors into partners in growth.

Choosing the right Key Account Management software is a challenge, which a guide book like this is addressing. Some parameters to evaluate KAM software listed in the book are – Trial or Demo, Cost of Deployment, Ability to Customize, Integration with existing CRM, Onboarding and Customer Success, and Speed of Deployment.

Based on the evaluation of these parameters, this exclusive Buyer’s Guide rates DemandFarm as the ‘Best-fit KAM Enablement tool’ in the market presently.

Milind Katti, CEO – DemandFarm said, “It is a proud moment for all of us at DemandFarm, that we have been rated as the Best-fit KAM Enablement tool in the market.

We started with a vision to institutionalize KAM in a way that the process works for all stakeholders. We have worked hard to bridge knowledge gaps and enable Key Account Managers to win. I am delighted that we have been able to deliver excellent value to our clients and help them in managing and growing complex Global Accounts. This is what has helped us in achieving this forte.”

About DemandFarm:

Built by a specialist team comprising of Account Managers and technology experts, DemandFarm is the first enterprise-wide Key Account Management system solely focused on meeting Key Account goals.

DemandFarm has institutionalized best practices of Key Account Management by bringing them to a purpose-built platform that addresses unique challenges that Key Account professionals face. With focused functionality for Account Management, the software allows all stakeholders of strategic, Key and Global Account programs to intensively cultivate, build, harvest and profitably grow the organization’s most valuable account relationships.

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