Key Account Planning Software and Tool

By July 31, 2017Videos
Key Account Planning Software


Watch this video to find out how DemandFarm’s Key Account Planning Software and tool can help in building long-lasting relationships with clients.


Native to Salesforce and MS Dynamics. Integrates with other CRM’s.


Know your account


Where have you won, where are active

opportunities, where is the competition and

therefore where you can grow

Plan for growth


What is the background, what is your action,

set and track goals.

View your opportunities, businesses, and dead-ends at a glance.

Identify your focus areas in a glance


Chart the product landscape.

group opportunities by-product or service categories.

Assess your competition and visualize your whitespaces to know where the opportunities stand.

Create a strategy map with key account planning software and tool

Use a real-time tool

Updating account plans becomes an operational problem in an ever-changing environment. Dynamic, responsive and real-time updating account planning tools like the ‘Account Planner’ can support account managers by saving them from operational gruntwork.

How would you rate the key account planning process in your organization? Simple or complex? Initiatives are taken to simplify? Which worked? Which did not? What technology tools were leveraged to simplify and improve the process?


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